What does Auslander VLV do to their Volvo 240s?

Complete Auslander Renewal/Restoration

Every vehicle we purchase, regardless of mileage or heritage, undergoes a full mechanical workover. Many parts which are “inspected” are often replaced as a precautionary measure, and remember, genuine Volvo parts come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY from Volvo!

Partnered with a licensed enthusiast-owned Volvo dealership staffing several veteran Volvo mechanics, we painstakingly weed through every one of our 240s to ensure they’re as close to perfect as possible, investing up to eight times the car’s value in parts and labor; our goal is to take all the nonsense out of owning one of our classics! A car is only original once, and though our central focus is always originality, in the interest of safety and reliability, we use factory OE-quality Volvo parts whenever necessary, installed only by veteran Volvo mechanics who are as passionate about these cars as we are. Effective June of 2019, taking it one step further, what sets us apart even more is that EVERY 240 we restore includes a lifetime parts and labor warranty on everything we replace, and ALL of our vehicles now include free roadside assistance as well!

In the process of renewing your Volvo, our veteran Volvo specialists have evaluated and/or replaced all major systems and their components, including:

Cooling System: radiator, electric fan, water pump, thermostat, hoses

A/C System: compressor, condenser, evaporator, hoses and fittings, duct work cleaned and reinstalled, system flushed, pressurized, and recharged

Steering: power steering pump, lines, power steering rack, bushings, lower ball joints and control arms inspected, new wheel bearings, seals, tie rod ends, connectors, wheel alignment

Engine: evaluated and compression tested, new spark plugs and wires, new distributor cap and rotor, new seals throughout, crankcase breather kit installed, new timing belt with tensioner, new motor mounts, new preheater hose, airbox thermostat tested, idle air control valve tested, mass air flow sensor tested, new fuel filter, fuel pumps inspected, firewall insulation inspected

Transmission: inspected, fluid flushed, refilled, resealed, leak tested, kick-down cable adjusted, u joints inspected, shift solenoid bypass installed on AW70 automatic transmissions, center driveshaft bearing and mount inspected

Brake System: new rotors, pads, e-brake shoes, brake system flushed, booster and master cylinder tested, all hoses and lines inspected

Suspension: frame/chassis inspected, cleaned, two new shocks and two new struts installed, new struts mounts, all bushings and mounts inspected

Exhaust System: full system inspection

Tires and Wheels: tires must have better than 80% tread life, all hubcaps are new, factory-installed aluminum wheels refinished

Electrical: inside and outside lights, taillight PCBs, switches, central door lock system, motors, windows — inspected and renewed

Sound System: new AM-FM head unit with Bluetooth hands-free calling integrated microphone, wireless audio streaming and USB for charging/connection, factory original speakers inspected and testing (original radio included when available)

Interior: dashboard inspected, glovebox inspected, sunroof inspected, carpet cleaned or replaced, seats deep cleaned or reupholstered, seat heaters upgraded (if so equipped), seat cushions inspected, seat webbing replaced, center console inspected, all trim inspected, new break-resistant door pockets, new rear seatbelt covers on sedans, door panels inspected, kick panels inspected, window seals and weatherstripping inspected, side window wipes replaced

Paint, body, molding, chrome, trim, etc.: All belt molding inspected, all bumper trim inspected, all rocker guard cladding removed and new adhesive installed, all door handles inspected and tested, all rubber and trim renewed. There are always other items we address which are not itemized here, they were not left off or overlooked intentionally.

Note: We’re good listeners and love to hear from you. When improvements to our process are recommended, whether by team members, current and past owners, or trusted service-industry peers, and can be implemented to the greater satisfaction of all of our customers, we don't rest on our laurels or rely on our past successes… we act!