Meet Babs. Babs is a well preserved 1989 240 sedan from California that was absolutely adored by it’s 92 year-old original owner, Barbara, for nearly the last 30 years. During a phone conversation with Barbara on 4/23/2019, she told us “This was the third and final car I ever owned, and it was wonderful. So reliable. My first car was a Volkswagen Bug, then I had a Subaru which my husband and I could sleep in when we were camping, then I got this Volvo! It was always garage-kept, it always started for me, and I just loved it!”

To call Barbara thorough would be a gross understatement. We not only have the original window sticker and bill of sale for this vehicle, we have every last receipt accrued over the last 30 years on-hand, even for the bottles of washer fluid she sourced from her local Volvo dealer! There are countless hand-written records Barbara kept in addition to the dealer invoices which outline every detail of work performed, the date and mileage when it was performed, in addition to the cost. In all, we have two 3” thick folders FULL of records… and that’s just not common at all, so if you’re interested in a really well-documented 240, this is definitely it!

We received Babs back from the body shop renewed and looking better than ever! It merits noting, the original paint on this vehicle is absolutely STUNNING, it just needed some common wear areas refreshed, and we performed a top to bottom paint correction as well. Next steps were to replace the interior with a new genuine leather interior, which includes new seat foam/grids/heaters. As of 8/8/2019, Babs will be off to our Volvo dealership partner where it will be gone through top to bottom, isolating and repairing any unknown issues, performing all preventative maintenance, and ensuring it’s as perfect as it can be, although, there’s a lot to be said of a 30 year-old car that was driven over 1800 miles cross-country to be in our shop— there’s literally not a single thing wrong with this vehicle!

Babs is currently on-hold with a deposit thanks to an aspiring Auslander 240 owner in Florida. We will have more cars coming in 2020, so please check back periodically for more information!