Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions we are frequently asked by our aspiring customers.

“What qualifies a 240 as a good candidate for restoration?”

First and foremost, we looking for some indication that the vehicle was loved. Yeah, that’s a bit difficult to verify, but a car that’s been used and has a pile of receipts accompanying it is always a good sign. As we like to say, the car needs to have SOMETHING going for it. Nice exterior, nice interior, or a really good runner— a car that misses all these marks is generally one we would recommend avoiding. A top to bottom inspection, whether in-person or electronically, is an absolute must. Once we have identified that the vehicle is an ideal candidate, we check the VIN (vehicle identification number) history to verify it is accident-free and to check any recorded service history as well, unless a printed/documented invoice history is available, which we love too. One-owner cars always take precedence. Of course, it’s a Volvo, so mileage isn’t of concern so long as the mechanical fitness of the vehicle is in order.

Folks who send us their vehicles to restore usually have an emotional attachment to them, though, so all of these qualifiers go out the window; if you love your Volvo enough to send it to us, then that’s enough!

“I’m looking to purchase a 240, but I don’t exactly see the one I’m looking for on your site… can I purchase what I want and send it to you?”

It’s a bittersweet dilemma. There aren’t a lot of great Volvo 240 restoration candidates out there that meet our stringent criteria. That said, we also don’t have our eyes everywhere, so you might find a car you’d like us to polish-up for you! We recommend contacting us by phone and filling us in on the ideal Volvo you’re looking to buy or restore. We have a LOT of great Volvos in the pipeline, but we’re always open to restoring a vehicle you have already!

“Will you buy my Volvo?”

Yes. Provided the vehicle is clean, never involved in a major accident, and is reasonably rust-free, we will consider purchasing your Volvo. This seems obvious, but you must have a clear title, nothing photocopied, no salvage history, More than 90% of our vehicles come from ORIGINAL (first) owners who have heard of us or have seen this website and decided to call for a quote. Let us know what you have to sell -- we may be your best buyer! Contact Us HERE.

“Will you restore my Volvo?”

Yes. We’re often asked to commission restorations by our fellow Volvo friends and fanatics. We can do the interior, the exterior, the mechanicals, or all of the above! Let’s chat!

“I’ll be putting my restored Volvo on my regular auto insurance…”

OK, but what does your insurance company consider the replacement value of your vehicle to be? The dilemma with any 80s-90s vehicle is that a conventional auto insurance company will traditionally consider the replacement value of your vehicle in its original, unrestored condition, which may create a deficit in coverage as great as $20,000 or more. We highly recommend classic auto insurance from Hagerty Classic Insurance, who insures all of our vehicles for OUR value, not estimated book value!

“Why not advertise "0" miles on your restorations since you are basically starting over?”

The reason we don’t touch the odometer on our vehicles is because it’s illegal! It’s against the law to change, roll back or misrepresent the actual mileage. Even though the engine may have been rebuilt and the body restored, you are still required by law to report the actual miles on a vehicle. The law does not allow you to change or replace the odometer. So don't be misled when you see someone offering a vehicle with 0 miles. We have found the quickest and best way to determine true mileage is to do a CARFAX or AUTOCHECK search or history, using the VIN (vehicle identification number). The VIN number should be provided by the seller, and should be part of your "due diligence" on any vehicle you are considering for purchase. It’s not an expensive process, and it’s an important one. We pride ourselves on buying very low mile vehicles. Remember, Volvo 240s have a 6-digit odometer, excluding the 1/10th-mile digit. It is a serious matter for a seller to misrepresent the mileage on any vehicle, so "buyer beware" and do your homework. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. For the buyer's protection, the following statement appears on all state certificates of title, under the heading ODOMETER CERTIFICATION: "FEDERAL AND STATE LAW REQUIRE THAT YOU STATE THE MILEAGE IN CONNECTION WITH TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP. FAILURE TO COMPLETE OR PROVIDING A FALSE STATEMENT MAY RESULT IN FINES OR IMPRISONMENT."

“Do you perform appraisals on Volvos?”

No, we do not, but we can give you a pretty educated opinion off the cuff as to what your vehicle is probably worth.

“Do you provide financing?”

Auslander is not in the financing business. But, if you are credit-worthy, there are several national companies that will loan on classic cars. They all have an online application process (or a phone interview if you'd rather), and most will give you a same-day decision. Here are links to a few lending sources that our customers have been using: JJBest Bank, LightStream, Woodside Credit, Premier Financial Services (Please note: Auslander is not affiliatted with any of these lenders).

“Will Auslander arrange for delivery of my Volvo?”

Yes! We work with Mike at Safeway Car Transport, a logistics company based in Michigan, who will bid out transportation of your new vehicle with multiple insured and bonded carriers, ensuring the most competitive pricing available. We HIGHLY recommend the use of an enclosed trailer in order to avoid calamity. Note that inspection of your vehicle upon its arrival is extremely important, and that we cannot be responsible for any issues which may have arisen after the vehicle left our possession. Click HERE for more info on Safeway Car Transport.

“Does Auslander offer a warranty plan?”

No, we do not offer a warranty plan or guarantee. However, our restoration program should provide you considerable peace of mind in this area as all mechanical components are inspected and/or replaced, and all Volvo parts used carried a lifetime warranty on parts and labor from Volvo Cars US. Every vehicle we restore undergoes a rigorous shake-down test, during which time we inevitably find weak points in the vehicle’s mechanical fitness, which will result in the repair and replacement of parts in order to remedy those issues. Should replacement of any parts be deemed necessary by our veteran Volvo mechanics at the time of inspection, many of the replacement parts we use when performing our restorations do in fact carry a warranty, with genuine Volvo parts featuring a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Our licensed Volvo dealer service partner offers a warranty on their work, but if using them for service is out of the question for you, likely due to your location, we can dispatch replacement parts for those new parts which have failed to your mechanic of choice at no charge, but note that any associated labor costs incurred for replacement of these parts by a third party are your responsibility.

“I'm from out of state; Do I pay taxes and registration fees in Illinois?”

No, you will take care of those fees when you register your Volvo in your home state.

“Can I use the cheaper grade of gasoline without damage to my Volvo?”

Yes. Your Volvo uses Regular unleaded 87 octane. The following information is taken directly from the owner's manual:
"Your vehicle was designed to meet all emission regulations and provide excellent fuel economy when using high-quality unleaded gasoline. Use unleaded gasoline having a minimum posted octane of 87. In addition to using unleaded gasoline with the proper octane rating, those that contain detergents, corrosion and stability additives are recommended. Using gasoline that has these additives will help improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and maintain vehicle performance. Generally, premium unleaded gasoline contains more additive than regular unleaded." 

“I can’t find the color combination I want…”

Ask about our complete professional color-change make-over (repaint) and interior overhaul/refresh.