Hagerty Insurance

Don’t rely on conventional auto insurance for your classic Volvo, that’s a terrible idea! Hagerty will insure your vehicle for the value YOU decide, and for a mere fraction of what your conventional insurance would cost! We rely on Hagerty to insure our vehicles, and you should too! Click their logo for more info and a quote!

Safeway Car Transport

We always love a customer who aspires to drive their newly restored Volvo home, but once in a while, when you may be feeling less adventurous, having the car shipped may be a better option. Mike at Safeway Car Transport is a logistics coordinator that will work on getting the most competitive bids available for the transportation of your new vehicle! With service seven days a week, Mike is patient, prompt, courteous, and thorough… not to mention, he is the most affordable. Whether you want want to save and ship on an open trailer, or play it safe with an enclosed one, every vehicle they touch is insured while in their possession, although we DO recommend the use of an enclosed trailer. Click their logo for more info!