Every day across America, there are Volvos being beaten and abused. They suffer alone, waiting for someone to help. When we see a Volvo in need, we can’t stand to see it in distress, and just have to give it a second chance on life. Animals in need have the ASPCA… well, Volvos have Auslander. Our Volvo restorations are a thing of legend on social media, and here’s your chance to bring one into your life, or transform a vehicle you may own already.

Partnered with a licensed enthusiast-owned Volvo dealership staffing several veteran Volvo mechanics, we painstakingly weed through every one of our 240s to ensure they’re as close to perfect as possible; our goal is to take all the nonsense out of owning one of these classics! A car is only original once, and though our central focus is always originality, in the interest of safety and reliability, we use factory OE-quality Volvo parts whenever necessary, installed only by veteran Volvo mechanics who are as passionate about these cars as we are. Effective June of 2019, what sets us apart one step further is that EVERY 240 we restore includes a lifetime parts and labor warranty on everything we replace with genuine Volvo parts, and ALL of our vehicles now include free roadside assistance as well!

We’re the first to admit, form is almost as important as function. When it comes to the appearance of our vehicles, first and foremost we try to preserve patina. Over the course of time, though, patina on a 240 has a tendency of translating into the unsightly, and in those cases, we are partnered with a leading body shop in the Midwest. Specializing in high-end restorations, primarily on six-figure super cars, it’s not uncommon to see our Volvos bookended by a set of Ferraris or Lamborghinis in their shop. “The paint’s like glass” is a common phrase we hear our customers mutter when they first lay eyes on their Auslander 240.

Customer vehicle restorations ALWAYS take precedence, so the restoration timelines on the vehicles we sell are always subject to change, and we only sell a couple vehicles per year. While we do have a wait list on our restorations, if a vehicle below is listed as anything other than ‘DEPOSIT HOLD’ or ‘SOLD’, it’s available to you for purchase! We also recommend checking out our Purchasing Resources page for recommended service providers that can deliver, insure, and maintain your vehicle.

Alfred - ‘81 Volvo 242


York - ‘90 Volvo 240


Grant - ‘81 Volvo 245


Dahl - ‘84 Volvo 245 Turbo


March - ‘86 Volvo 240


Myrtle - ‘85 Volvo 244


Babs - ‘89 Volvo 240


Berwen - ‘89 Volvo 240

SOLD - Chicago, IL

Bane - ‘93 Volvo 240

SOLD - Baltimore, MD

Hamilton - ‘92 Volvo 240

SOLD - Buffalo, NY

Aiken - ‘90 Volvo 240

SOLD - San Jose, CA

McLoughlin - ’89 Volvo 240

SOLD - Jacksonville, FL

Gustav - ‘88 Volvo 240

SOLD - Kansas City, MO

These are just a few of our past house restorations. If you’re an owner of one of our restorations not seen here and would like to submit any photos, please send us a message!