March is a SUPER UNIQUE 1986 Volvo 240 DL Sedan that we always seem to cross paths with, so this time we decided to buy the car and give it a breath of fresh air. In a Cream 189 color code, March is truly the antithesis of the 1980s! March was purchased new in 1986 from Volvo Cars Tampa in Tampa Bay, FL, where it spent the majority of its life. Its original owner and namesake sold the car to a Volvo enthusiast from WI who eventually sold the car to our friend Sarah. Sarah positively loved this car, and our outside perspective is that it truly fit her perfectly! But like most vintage vehicles, March wasn’t always as reliable as it could be, and Sarah quickly found herself hemorrhaging money to maintain the vehicle. In 2018, Sarah sold the car to our friend Alex (Volvo_Posts on Instagram) down in Kansas City, who put a fair bit of money into the mechanical side of March, until he too realized how expensive these cars can get when you piecemeal their maintenance. Knowing full well we would do the car right, Alex approached us and asked if we would consider giving March a makeover, and now here we are.

March needs a total overhaul, there’s no question. We anticipate the net result of our efforts will be a totally unique, one of a kind 240 in what is TRULY one of the rarest colors ever. We will be customizing MANY facets of this car, so do be sure to stay tuned for updates both here, and on Instagram! This is one of those few cars we’ve come upon that has a good soul… always loved, has the best of intentions, it just needs someone with the knack to give it a chance! As usual, if you’re interested in getting more info on March, please don’t hesitate to contact us!